Up for a 5-day adventure through the stunning scenery of The Glasshouse Mountains? 

Putting the totally re-engineered and re-designed Harley-Davidson® Project Rushmore Tourers through their paces, while challenging yourself all the way? We're going to take 4 lucky riders to the edge and back. A series of Bike Challenges will highlight the Project Rushmore's awesome new features, including the 'Round the Bend Challenge' to test handling and 'Night Owl' to put our new LED Daymaker Headlights to the test. And in between, you'll get your own motor running with rider challenges like 'Treetop Adventure' and 'Clifftop Abseil'.

To be in with a chance to be part of this freedom-filled, adrenaline-packed, unique experience just book a Project Rushmore Test Ride. Take a look at the bikes below, click on the button, and take a ride. We're pretty confident you'll love the new feel, and you could be on your way to The Great Escape.

Pure street style and long haul comfort made it the #1 motorcycle in the sport. And that was before it got a punchier engine and hundreds of other improvements.

When you set out to improve the most respected touring machine on earth, you don't take short cuts and you sure as hell don't accept any limits.

Sitting on top of those whitewalls is a motorcycle that takes the idea of Classic to the most modern place it's ever been.